March Business of the Month 2017

Lamar Advertising had its start right here in Pensacola. With the luck of the draw, in 1906 two business partners divided their business interests and went their separate ways. Pensacola Hardware remains a strong and stable business in the heart of Pensacola, and Lamar Advertising has grown into a nationwide enterprise.

With its unique ability to communicate to the public in mass, Lamar Advertising aspires to assist the community whenever possible. Their contribution to nonprofit, charitable and civic organizations has help spread messages of need and concern when the need was there. In 2 recent criminal cases, the wanted suspects were brought to justice with the aid of public announcements made possible by the local management and employees of this great company.

Please join us in congratulating our March Business of the Month, Lamar Advertising. 


2017 Business of the Month Winners

January - Plastic Engraving

February - Gulf Breeze Electric Company

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Nonprofit of the Quarter - 4th Quarter

Q4 Nonprofit of the Quarter - Caring and Sharing of South SR
Caring & Sharing of South Santa Rosa

Caring & Sharing of South Santa Rosa is celebrating over 30 years of outreach to those in need in our community during the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Their goal is to unite the community in a Spirit of Giving so that the holidays become a blessing rather than a burden to those who struggle on a day-to-day basis just to make ends meet.  This holiday season Caring & Sharing of South Santa Rosa County will help, 210 families, 806 individuals; including more than 440 teens/children/infants benefiting from the organization’s work.

Please join us in congratulating our Nonprofit of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter 2016, Caring & Sharing of South Santa Rosa!

2016 Nonprofit of the Quarter Winners

1st Quarter - St. Ann Catholic Church

2nd Quarter - Covenant Care

3rd Quarter - Gulf Breeze Optimist Club